What Is A Runway Incursion?

A UTair Boeing 767-300 from Moscow and Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 were involved in a rare but dangerous incident at Barcelona Airport. The UTair Boeing 767-300 from Moscow was on final for runway 02 when an Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 crossed the runway to taxi to the holding point of runway 25R.

As soon as the Russian pilots saw the Airbus 340 crossing the runway, they performed a successful go around. After the go around, the Boeing 767 returned and landed safely.

If there happened to be weather on this day, causing low visibility, this event could have been tragic.

What went wrong?

The Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus failed to comply with the “hold short” instruction given by the Tower. Failure by the Crew to comply with this important instruction can be extremely dangerous. This incident is defined as a runway incursion.

What is a Runway Incursion?

Any occurrence at an airport involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take off of aircraft.

There are four categories of runway incursions:

Category A is a serious incident in which a collision was narrowly avoided
Category B is an incident in which separation decreases and there is a significant potential for collision, which may result in a time critical corrective/evasive response to avoid a    collision.
Category C is an incident characterized by ample time and/or distance to avoid a collision.
Category D is an incident that meets the definition of runway incursion such as incorrect presence of a single vehicle/person/aircraft on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take-off of aircraft but with no immediate safety consequences.

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